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A rainbow has seven colors, ROY G BIV, hence X7.

This work has opposing rainbows and as it happens the greens meet in the center, hence GOGREEN.

While listening to a lecture on C-Span2 about gravity membranes in the universe, I noticed that they use "branes" as an abbreviation for membranes, hence BRANES.

Maybe this is where gravity resides, in the rainbow.

1/4" lead came gives a strong look and feel.

X7, GOGREEN, BRANES is sharp framed in a solid walnut frame.
The frame is a U channel construction and is finished on both sides.

X7, Gogreen, Branes 15 1/2"x16"

The work is tastefully signed and dated by the artist.
Comes complete with hanging instructions and hardware!

One of a kind!

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