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The work features One Big Heart in the center, cut from iridized red/white glass.

The heart is encircled by two interlocked gold bands with twelve segments,
one for each month of the year.

The heart and gold bands are accented by a light blue English Muffle glass.
The gold bands and name are surrounded in a sea of dark blue water glass!
The name is done in a dark red granite glass.

This is all surrounded by one inch clear bevels and then bordered by a pink,
blue, purple, red and white Bullseye glass.

This work is framed in a solid walnut frame.
The frame is a U channel construction and finished on both sides.

"TWO SOULS, ONE HEART"   25" x 30"

The work is tastefully signed and dated by the artist.

"The Shades"

As I cut the top of the heart shape out of the light blue glass surrounding it,
I had an unusually shaped piece of glass left.
With a little imagination, one could see a blue butt, blue boobs or blue balls...
then I said wait, this looks like a pair of glasses...
then I said wait again... Hey, it's "The Shades"...
then with heart glass, I made two temples... Hence...

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