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Jimmy, was a best friend to Linda in California. He was one of those dogs with a special spirit and brought joy to everyone around. However, due to a house fire, Jimmy and two other dogs were lost.

Having seen Sam (back one screen) Linda emailed me and said "That's my Jimmy..." So working with parts of Sam and half burned photo's of Jimmy we constructed this work.

This was a quite a challenge, involving mind, body and spirit!
It took longer than it should, but I think it turned out well.

Thanks goes to Jacque and Roger in Chicago for sharing Sam. They have helped make this beautiful work possible.

Jimmy's lead is patinaed black to make him stand out. The background lead is patinaed copper to go with the reds and browns.

This work is finished with a solid walnut frame and tastefully signed and dated.

Jimmy was a very challenging project. First there was the technical aspects of the design. Matching up several photoís of Jimmyís head and backgrounds with Samís body. Then there was the eternal task of choosing glass types and colors to bring out the spirit. Itís fun in the beginning, a little scary toward the middle, and more exciting toward the end as the completed vision appears.
Thanks Linda for allowing me to do this.

"JIMMY" one of a kind!

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