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Truly a unique part of the history of computers !

Click to see full screen... "MOUNTAINS"

Thomas J Huston

This work is an effort to take you away to that green peaceful place far from the crowds.

Trig functions and lots of fun Fortran programming combine to create the smooth flowing lines.

Add a little hidden line routine and you have Mountains.

Click to see full screen... This work was created on an IBM 1130 computer in the late 1960's at Taylor University in Upland IN.

If memory serves, I think it had 32K of memory, not giga, not mega, just K.

Oh yes, and you typed your program up on 100's even 1000's of cards.

Serigraphed in dark green on gold, Mountains will reflect the morning sun from it's hills.

Mountains is framed in a gold Nielson moulding with a forest green mat and clear glass.

"MOUNTAINS"   24" x 14"   $224 Ready to Ship.

Truly a unique part
of the history of computers!

The work is tastefully signed by Thomas J Huston.
Note: A very very few of the 300 original works from the late 1960's remain !
Comes complete ready to hang with instructions and hardware.

Mountains was Serigraphed on an acid-free gold heavy paper stock.
Museum mounting for maximum preservation is available, email or call for details.
Non-Glare glass is also an option, but not recommended for this work.


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