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"COMPUTER ART FOR PEOPLE" from the late 1960's and early 1970's

Truly a unique part of the history of computers !

As a kid, I always thought the Art's were something special, but my school offered no Art. I couldn't draw for beans then and I still can't now, but I love art anyway. Then in 1963 at OSU, I took Engineering Drawing. That was a hoot, but it did give me a "perspective".

Later in 1968 at Taylor University, I began doing computer graphics of a technical nature. It didn't take long before I realized how creative "this thing" - the computer - could be! At that point I started creating computer graphics of an aesthetic nature.

Ole professor Wally Roth, said "You ought to sell those, they are beautiful!". To start, I sold the original plotter pen and ink drawings. One work, "Reflections" even won the First Prize in a "real" art contest, judged by a "real" artist with a "real" cash prize of $25.

Most regular artist thought computer art was not real art. It was fun telling them, "Computer Art" was the only real art, because you could go directly from idea to image without actually having to materialize the work!

Also while at Taylor, I began oil painting. However that took a back seat, as I had moved on to Serigraphing the computer art and selling it mail order around the world. "Computer Art for People" was the name I used, accenting the idea that computers are not all bad!

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