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Hearts United On Wings Of Love "Hearts United On Wings Of Love"
I have bought 3 pieces from Tom so far for very special heirlooms for my children and their children to enjoy and pass on. I have brought ideas of what I wanted in 2 of the custom pieces. I tell him the story or idea I want the piece to show and he brings my ideas to fruition. I plan on having 2 more custom pieces done for my other 2 sons for their wedding gifts also.
Thanks Tom!!!
Pat A, OH

TOGETHER FOREVER, Click To See Detail... TWO SOULS, ONE HEART, Click To See Detail... "Together Forever" and "Two Souls, One Heart"

Our stained glass pieces are absolutely beautiful!
They will be cherished in my family for generations to come.
Shelia and Matt S, OH

"The Promise 16"
The Promise 16 The Promise 16 I purchased The Promise 16 for my mother who was very ill. Before she got home, we hung it in her window so the sunlight shows up all the glorious colors. She has macular degeneration, but the colors show up with such intensity, that she has little trouble seeing "her beautiful rainbow" that beams across her walls and floor. She has had so many compliments on it and her smile is as bright as her "rainbow" when she tells people "my daughter got it for me, it's my very own rainbow with a cross in the middle." Enough said!!
Pat A, OH

Madame Hendren Talking Doll "Madame Hendren Talking Doll"

I know that had to be lots of trouble and time and care to make up the boxes like that.
Your packing shows that you care about the product even after it has sold and that means a lot!

Thanks again for everything...
Tom E, GA

Chimney Lamp "Chimney Lamp"

I just purchased a stained glass table lamp from Tom.
You don't really need the sun to enjoy the stained glass.
The warmth of the light filtering through the glass is beautiful.

He does excellent work and could charge twice as much and I would still be pleased.
I will be looking to buy more of his items!
Scott S, AZ

Jimmy "Jimmy"

I love this piece SO much!
Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!
Linda P, CA

Flower Cabinet Window Moon Cabinet Window "Flower and Moon Cabinet Windows"

I can not express how I felt when I looked at the panes. They are both perfect!
I can not thank you enough...they were more than I expected!!!!
Your work is incredible!!!
Best Regards
Judy O, NJ

Sam "Sam"

The window looks wonderful.
It is more detailed than expected considering the difficulties of matching glass.
We opened the box and are quite happy with what we see.
Jacque Y, IL

The Promise "The Promise"

It arrived safely and itís beautiful!
Thank You!
Janna K, PA

Heart Coaster Set "Heart Coaster Set"

I really love your stained glass works.
They really touch the heart!
Dileta M, MA

Sunset "Sunset"

Absolutely Beautiful pieces and WONDERFUL customer service!
It's why I just ordered another piece from you!
Thank You!!
Linda P, CA

Mondrian's Rainbow "Mondrian's Rainbow"

Pictures do not do your work justice.
All the pieces that I have received are just so Beautiful.
Everyone that has seen your work is just amazed by it.
Karla A, MD

Calico Cat "Calico Cat"

WOW!!!! I received my beautiful piece yesterday
and all I can say, it is absolutely outstanding.
I can not tell you how happy I am with it.
Thanks so much for your beautiful work.
Karen A, VA

Happy Bubbles Happy Bubbles "Happy Bubbles"

Thank you for the detailed care information.
We did unpack the window 2 days ago.
It looks beautiful and
the width and height fits the cabinet door perfectly.
Qin Z, MN

Hearts Desire "Hearts Desire"

I love!!
Thanks for creating a beautiful gift (Hearts Desire) for me to give
a dear friend on her retirement. The personal follow up you did to get
the gift shipped to me during Hurricane Dennis was above and beyond!
Sue N, FL

Moon and Star "Moon and Star"

Yes, we received the package on time and it is wonderful!
Thank you so very much...
Greg was very surprised and we've hung it in a perfect spot!
Sarah H, GA

Rainbow Star "Rainbow Star"

I am VERY pleased with the ILoveStainedGlass web site.
You have beautiful pieces.
I have already delivered the 2 gifts and both recipients love their gifts.
Shirley D, MI

Color Therapy Wheel "Color Therapy Wheel"

Thank you for the great art piece.
Kirk R, IL

The Cross and Trinity "The Cross and Trinity"

It did arrive and it is beautiful.
I will buy again and will recommend you to friends.
Denise W, MD

Trinity "Trinity"

Trinity did arrive on time and we both love it.
Now we are just trying to figure out where to hang it.
Thanks so much for the great artwork!
Reneau L, VA

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